About Founder

Ganesh Mahajan held CEO position in an IT organization for more than 10 years. He finished his bachelors degree from “Holkar Science College Indore” and have dual master degree M.Sc. from “Sagar Universtiy” and MBA from “IMS Indore”.

Ganesh has solid ability in technological background blended with his recognizing business aptitudes makes him the ideal match for a business visionary. In the wake of working over 10 years in the field of Information Technology and have been assuming distinctive parts on specialized and administration spaces as an entrepreneur.As an unflinching business visionary, he works with a decided way and his constancy characterizes his way to deal with fathom challenges proficiently and champion faultless execution done by his team.

Our Mission

Our central goal is to support and inform about the upcoming changes in education systems. Parents Assembly has created innovative, handy answers for the difficulties of contemporary child education system. We can be a significant asset for you and can help you have a positive difference in the lives of others in parents community. We look forward to hearing from you!

Parents assembly is community-based organization that provides information and resources with the point of helping parents about schools in providing quality education to their child. We help to create solid bolster systems and accommodating as Our sets for guardians and different parental figures.Parents Assembly was established on the rule that we will support all the parents and families in Our educational problems and inform them about all the latest changes happening in the educational sector.

Our Team


Nanuram Patidar 

Marketing Head


Madhu Parmar

Technical Support


Devendra Masatker

Digital Marketing Support


Atul Mahajan