Woman Education : A basic need for healthy society

Woman education

Woman Education In India

In India, woman have been considered as sacred power in every sense. Apart from some dark periods of history, the importance of education and rites of women has always been given importance.

In India in the 19th century, most educational institutions were often operated by people who led the public. Among them were some English people. At this time, Some freedom fighters worked tirelessly to remove the consuetude of child marriage and Sati. The fate of these miscreants encouraged women education. A leader opened schools for the education of many girls in Bengal.

According to the Indian Education Commission of 1882, teacher training was organized on behalf of the Government of India. The Commission presented many encouraging suggestions in relation to the education of women but due to fear of regional conversion, suggestions could not be implemented much more.

England, Germany, USA, Japan etc. not only in capitalist countries, but Russia, Romania, Yugoslavia etc. communist nations also went up much further in woman education than India. Although in the 20th century in Western countries Initially generated fears that In the competition between men and woman, the woman is adopting male vision from the field of her development which is not suitable for her, but now these countries also focus on special education of women are giving and receiving appropriate qualifications in various fields of education there are women build their educated community Itself.


  1. every woman have dream to become engineer, doctor or scientist from best schools I mean to have best education… do not spoil it.

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