The Ministry of Education has issued Guidelines for Reopening Schools


A large drop in Covid cases has reignited the issue over whether kids should return to school.

Many parents’ forums have argued that because many students have been out of the classroom for almost two years, they have not learned much in that time, particularly those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds who do not have access to online teaching modes, raising concerns about whether they will ever be able to make up for the lost learning in their formative years.

In addition, the High Court is hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on the subject.

Several chiefs of institutions and professors are also in support of reopening schools since they are having difficulty resolving student issues remotely.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Education announced rules for restarting schools. After consulting with states on the reopening of schools, the recommendations were developed. Precaution, scheduling, assessment, emotional, and mental health will all be part of the school reopening requirements.

States are free to implement their own policies in compliance with the agreed norms, which are only recommendations. Online education is an option for students according to the Ministry of Education. In the Central institutions, 98.85 percent of teaching staff and 99.07 percent of non-teaching staff have been vaccinated.

The Central Government has established rules for restarting schools.

Assuring and monitoring the school’s housekeeping and sanitary facilities.

In the seating layout, keep a gap of at least every six feet between pupils.

In the staff quarters, office area, assembly hall, and other common places, social distance must be maintained.

Distinct classes have different timetables that are flexible, staggered, and reduced.

Where social isolation is not practicable, schools do not hold school gatherings.

During the distribution of PM POSHAN, maintain social distance (Mid-day meal).

School transportation is sanitised on a regular basis.

In hostels, make sure there is enough space between beds.

In hostels, social distance must be maintained at all times.

Before they start staying in the hostels, they must be scanned.

Students who want to study at home with their parents’ permission may be allowed to do so.

Allow for attendance flexibility.

All kids and staff wear a face cover/mask to school and keep it on during the day.