The Story of Digital Education

Digital Education

According to a report of 2015, E-learning makes the second largest e-learning market after US. Handheld mobile devices and other electronic educational gadgets availability give a rapid development in the E – learning sector. Internet facility made the emergence of digital education or online education. Campaign of Digital India accommodates E-learning feature in it. E-learning consist of collaborative learning, personalized learning, interactive whiteboard learning.

Education technology is giving opportunity to students to learn better and teachers teach better. It has provided E-learning tools and materials for digital education. Number of schools, institutions and Training and Development department of the companies are using digital labs for training. Digital classroom has taken place instead of chalk and duster.

Teaching methodology has also been changed. Virtual Tutor is available for one or all virtual students. Books are now E-books, lessons consist of graphics, audio, video and animations. Digital learning also provide a performance report at the time of testing virtually through Multiple choice question and Quizzes or from virtual discussion with virtual tutor. Government has to already step for digital learning implementation in urban and rural area using public and private partnership.

Online education paved way for virtual classrooms that can be attainable and accessed everywhere at any time. E-learning allows learning on digital platform rather than traditional blackboard learning system. E-Learning and Digital Education is the new development occurring with upcoming Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies. Number of courses are available online to gear up one's skills. One can find suitable tutor and e-learning mode among a number of choices. Innovation has made mathematical equations simpler enough to learn digitally and solve various queries.

The mobile Internet is expected to rise 500 million by 2018 and will allow students to learn and educate themselves at their own time and pace. Hurdle is of illiteracy in using new technology. E-learning and digital education will be helpful for the person has experimental hands on using gadgets. Affordable data plan price will help in attracting more digital users.