Schools And Covid 19

    school and covid

    Covid 19 took the whole world on a very challenging mode where every person had to think out of the box and deal with the reality of the pandemic. Along with all the domestic and commercial work culture enhancements, the Education Department used the technology to the next level so as not to interrupt the studies and future planning of the students. The educators had to shift to technology overnight to continue the education system.

    Many parents are still bothered about their children’s education. The younger kids have not even taken admission to the school because of the threat of the virus.

    But after covid, life will not be same. The old-fashioned schools have already adopted the tools and technology. Now all educators must prepare themselves for the crisis-driven opportunities and transformation. In other words, they should be equipped with the technology in terms of pedagogy, learning, and teaching, taking assessments, and remote teaching. Schools, therefore, need to provide a more encyclopedic approach and deep exposure to all learning areas. It should enable all students to make informed choices and develop their passions and unique talents.

    The education system should prepare students for life challenges rather than assessments. Schools and universities should offer remote learning. In many regions, the Covid 19 is under control but we still do not see an end to it. So if in case, the school reopens, new safety protocols would be followed to ascertain the precautions from any kind of virus. School can play a major role in the transmission of the virus. Therefore, the focus would be on the proper sanitization of the work area,  classroom, laboratories, and each corner of the campus to ensure a safe, clean and hygienic environment for the learners.  Social distancing would be mandatory of at least 2/3 meters from each other and teachers have to work on a more robust timetable for the allotment. Students would be taught about the importance of consuming minerals and vitamins. Thermal scanning, gloves, and wearing a mask would be compulsory. Principals and school administrators need to educate the students and parents about the “new normal” to overcome the fear of uncertainties and fear of repercussions of the virus.