Role Of Prathmik Shiksha


Prathmik Shiksha is an important and foremost level of education and is also known as primary education. This is the base of one’s life.Importance of PTM in school Prathmik Shiksha helps every child for his development and also for the development of the nation. The development of a child and a nation completely depends upon the Prathmik Shiksha and it is like motherhood.

Primary education is for the children who are in his initial level of education and needs to develop and learn basic education. It helps a child to adjust with other peers and students. This Shiksha includes the physical, mental and emotional growth of a child. Also, it nurtures the child by providing the learning skills.

The Prathmik Shiksha is to provide every child with a good environment in the school and give them a healthy, rich, happy and safe environment with confidence This education helps him to grow naturally and gives a chance to analyse the hidden talent and skills of a child. Also, this education makes a child prepared and develop for the next level of education i.e. Secondary education. Overall, it enhances their ability to reach full potential.

Prathmik Shiksha has become the right of every child-

It is the right of a human being. It is one of the fundamental right i.e. right to education. The children of today’s generation are the future of a nation. So it is important to get a primary education for a good tomorrow and it is the right of every child ensuring the welfare of society.

Whatever profession the child may later on pursue as an adult would be successful if the primary education was proper and adequate.
To sum up it can be said that primary education makes a person self reliant and self confident .
This means that all children are able to develop their social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills according to the best of their abilities.