Role of Adult Education


Education has become an integral part of our life and the right to education for all. So education has extended its limit to provide to the adults who miss the opportunity to get an education and has crossed the age of their education including basic education and literacy. Adult education is known as continuing or ongoing education in which adults are engaged in the activities to gain the knowledge, self-learning, skills and attitudes. Today the importance of adult education is known by persons who wish to sustain the education. Adult education is the way of learning aims to provide basic learning for men and women.

Government has launched a series of programmes of education to promote the adult education and the objective to make all the Indian citizen literate by the way of learning and practising the education to enhance their skills and make them develop in the society.

The importance of this education in India has increased around 70-80% and it will rise by the time. Adult education is an amazing and good initiative for those who stand with pride in the society. this type of education is the basic tool to eradicate and remove the illiteracy level.

this education is categorized as- fundamental education, professional education, mass education, worker education, basic education and socio-community education. This is the category to choose at a different level. This is
for those who are at the age of 15-35 years for the development of one’s life.The main intention of adult education is to prepare one for the socio,economic and political role.

The importance of adult education plays a significant role in the development of the nationThe Need for Innovation in our Education System and overall this education raises the standard living and creates economic development. The education creates earnings and it provides adulthood fully self-owned, potential and to reach their ability.