Problems of secondary education in India

secondary education

Secondary schools came into existence before the independence of India. Britishers established secondary school with the aim to train officers and clerks in admin work and somehow prepare students for university entrance. S.E.C. secondary education made it independent regulatory. Secondary schools need to develop democratic citizens and teachers with a complete pack of subject knowledge. It will contribute to prosperity in the country. Many public and private schools are open but they have forgotten their essential duty to fulfil the dreams of young students.

The government introduced mandatory education for the children up to the age of 14 years. Introduce made rise, of students applying for higher education and questioned the quality of education taught in secondary education system. Introduction of some new subjects does not standardize the level of education provided. Each party related to education system directly or indirectly complains for its level and quality. Some factors referring low standard of education are less wage for teachers, lack of interest for the profession, lack of facilities in school premise, under- qualified and irresponsible management people for their duties and their participation in institutions affairs, unawareness of the education department and bad financial conditions of institutions. Such backwardness of education system in the country might make the introduction of new syllabi, but quality will remains the major factor to voice over. There is the need for meritorious student enrolment, providing living and scholarship facilities for poor, but talents and maintaining education system standards.

To complete the voids of problems, education system authorities have to fill them in all levels. Curriculum have to be change giving reason of future development or change of knowledge and learning media. Curriculum must be made keeping present and practical difficulties students face in his present and future surroundings. The curriculum should not be what learned from the available syllabus and admitted to a higher class. Commissions points the defect, but an entrance exam with no difficulty levelled questions is not what's required.

Vocational and technical subjects are introduced in the school curriculum encourages students to choose a subject based on their interest and abilities. Vocational subjects introduced are mainly related to what rural area students find relevant and interested. It provides occupation for rural and small scale industries.

Vocational and technical subjects are introduced in the school curriculum encourages students to choose a subject based on their interest and abilities. Addition of the new curriculum will not eliminate system shortfalls, implementation will. Subject and teaching faculty should be such that it helps in developing body, mind and soul of growing students. Teachers required to fulfil the other needs of the system, must have the ability to build intellectual and updated minds for progressive society.

Now a day, government, local or private bodies are governing secondary schools. There exists no particular authorized education system management body which looks overall development of the system. Keeping aside to education curriculum, secondary schools is having poor facilities and premises. It shows mismanagement and inefficiency of education officers and inspection officers in the system. The inspection should not be a paper work inspection, it must be real and practical inspection of premise, facilities and knowledge gain and also regularly review and implementation of better quality and standard.

To remove shortcomings or hurdles, finance plays a major role in either way. Secondary education is a bit expensive, but we can't put education needs and interest behind for financial shortness. Development of more education institutions is important to complete knowledge hunger in the younger population. The authority has to keep the quality and standards of education in limited sources of finance. Society was made to bear financial burdens for educating quality by using fee hike method every year.

Some other problems are defective examination system, lack of interest in teaching, not providing suitable moral and spiritual values, no ability to reform secondary education system at par, lack of teaching faculty to prepare young minds for future aspects and improper facilities available at unstructured premise makes students dropping interest to gain higher education.

There is an urgent need of the hour to accomplish objective of secondary education system. Problems require solutions and proper measures to make young minds ideal for the future in all respects. Education reform occurs only through talented, qualified and passion educators.