Modern education system in India

Modern education

Within a few years, we grew up, chalk and boards become white board and computers, classrooms become smart virtual classes, physically existed teacher become Google or virtual teacher. Education system gets conversion or development, but education or learning has no ends and can't change or destroy.

Around billions of Internet users are enriching themselves from the virtual knowledgeable world. In yester years, Gurukul was the only hostel-cum- education system where Guru taught kids to live life on principles. What comes modern in education system is the division of lessons into different subjective topics. Education system built into teacher and student system which has now become a distant student and virtual tutor.

Hostel modernized into boarding schools of classrooms, both virtually and physically. Education modernized in levels also. The higher education system is made and consist of Universities. Universities are now providing regular, part time and distance courses.

Diverse knowledge is available on electronic gadgets of computers, projectors, internet, and many more. Earlier knowledge includes cooking food, making weapons and tools to hunt, acquiring values, behaviour and cultural practices. With development, education becomes formal and informal. Informal knowledge relates to one’s education for social existence. Whereas informal echoes education gain from educational institutions. Actual education retains in development of mind, body and soul. But modern education says more about itself than ones intellectual mind.

Education relates to ones living life in a better way. Modern education has made education field fast enough as it has accommodated technology in it. Diverse knowledge is available on millions of educational websites. Internet expanded the modern digital education system in rural India. One can find experienced and qualified teachers from the world. Professionals from different fields are available for discussing, inquiries and sorting queries. Number of open universities are available for distance or online education. Modern education is more focused on skill development and vocational education. Education inching itself to universal education.