Joe Biden Shows His Intreast on Indian Students




Before Trump had a superpower in America many Indian students faced the problem of getting a late visa and late approval. So, many Indian students get affected by the hard rules of Trump. But after the great win of Joe Biden in this election he shows his love and interest for Indian students. this may lead many students to set their sight for getting higher education abroad. In India, 30% to 50% of students show their interest to take higher education abroad. The victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential election could pave the way for some relief for Indian students and the education community.

Tighter immigration and visa rules under the Trump administration have been a concern for Indian students and these are likely to ease now, say education and visa experts. At least half-a-dozen leading education consultants told ET they expect a 20-30% increase in the number of Indian students applying to the US in the coming year, as they feel Biden’s policies will be less protectionist and more constructive for the US nationals and overseas students alike. The current occupant of the White House hasn’t conceded defeat yet, despite projections to the contrary.

“This rule threatens to undermine the US’ role as a world leader in education and stigmatizes tens of thousands of students based on their country of birth. New costs and bureaucratic barriers will make it more difficult for students and exchange visitors to complete their courses of study in the United States — uncertainty that will inevitably drive talented students from around the world to pursue their studies in other countries,” said Beth Werlin, executive director of the American Immig

it is plausible that the Trump administration’s measures significantly restraining immigration will have lasting negative impacts on American firms, and with it, slow down the post-COVID-19 economic recovery,” it argued.

Meanwhile, the American Immigration Council on Thursday said another proposed rule by the Department of Homeland Security limiting the admission periods of foreign students and exchange visitors could devastate US leadership in scientific research and technological innovation.