Internet safety measures and tips for children


This growing 21st-century internet is much important and we should awarely learn about the saftey measures of internet Educators are shaping not only career but a whole existence. Internet is a platform where we can do anything under the sun and anywhere under your room fan and it can be easily learned about everything in a single click. The use of the internet is very beneficial for sure, but some people can misuse this. So, to stop this type of misuse, Parents must take serious action on their child and do proper control over their child’s use of the internet and ensure that your child uses the platform only for a constructive purpose or not.

Here are the few tips are given below which you can use to give proper knowledge about the internet to your children: Check age restriction because if you are not older than 18 you will not access the site and on the internet mostly restriction sites are 13+ and 18+. Please make sure that your child follows rules of the age restriction. Communicate with your children and do inform them about internet safety and restrictions.  Most  Importantly, it’s your serious duty to give the correct education to the children about the internet,  Block the sites with an antivirus that you feel is it safe and suitable for your child.

Tell your children not to open any malicious site and attachment that comes from the unknown.  If your child has an e-mail account, then children might get many fake e-mails with virus-affected attachments. You advise them to not open any such attachment as this could affect the entire system. You should advise your children not to download and use pirated software and games from any sites. You advise your children not to believe everything on the internet and advertisement and tell your children that everything is not true some sites are fake.

You should advise your children not to speak with strangers and never try to interact with an unknown person and never head out to meet an internet friend and also never accept an unknown person’s friend request if you don’t know the person who is. It should be important to give the right education to children about the good use of the internet and stay away from the negative part of the internet. The Kendriya Vidyalaya (KVS) is one of the best government school in Indore and follow best education curriculum in India.

The school has very strict policies and rules when it comes to internet safety and student’s safety school managed 3 groups of security make sure that children are given access to only that content or not and security also check the students are safe or not when they are going alone from school to home.