India will change only through change in education


We have our precious heritage, our culture, our education, our traditions, our games, our texts, our history and our architecture. But today we are not able to recognize our existence in politics. We have not been able to give our country to the world which we have come here today. This is the subject of both serious concern and contemplation. If we have to get our old glory again, to reproduce India as a world guru again, then it is very important to change some things.

The essence of mind, contemplation, pain, sensations, creation, philosophy, emotions, faith traditions and tolerance have been found in our country’s education and literature, and nowhere else. Our culture, our texts, our yoga, our traditions and our heritage are being researched around the world and we are unable to save them even after adopting them.

The world is now learning environmental protection, there are environmental conferences all over the world, but the tradition of worshiping trees, rivers and other water bodies here is coming from ancient times. Trees like Ficus religiosa(पीपल), banyan(बरगद), Phyllanthus emblica(आमला), Azadirachta indica(नीम) are considered to be gods. The world now tells that they have the properties of giving more oxygen and developing resistance. Our education has come from all these ages. Our education has taught everything that makes the whole and overall development of a person.

Our judicial system has been the most magnanimous, but we are making the change of the IPC made by the British till date, we are not able to make any changes, which is a great requirement. We also have a great need to improve the education system to improve the judicial system.

From the day our education is sensational, philosophical, intellectual and sport becomes competitive, the changes will start showing from that day onwards. Today, we do not understand the pain, development, goodness of others, but are becoming self-centered. The main reason for this is the fault of our education system.

Our technical education is also excellent. Examples of these are still in places like Ranthambore, Jaipur, Udaipur, Khajuraho, Dhubelah, Lucknow etc. The architecture of Khajuraho, the figures based on the Vedas’ rituals are just examples of our education system.

We have to make a change in order to re-establish our reputation and for this it is most necessary to change the method of education. Only development is possible, otherwise it is selfish politics and everything is going about spreading its feet.