Importance of Motivation in the Education


Motivation plays an important role in education and has several effects on the student's learning. As motivation is the factor that motivates one's to do something and it enhances the level of learning and processing.Importance of Education in all the aspects of today’s World In the field of education also, if the student is not motivated for something or any task he or she is not able to do the things properly. So here in education,motivation has an important role.

Suppose anyone is pursuing his education and a student is full of motives and active then only he is completed motivated for the things he is doing. As behind the success, there is working a motivation factor. Motivation in education directs a student to achieve his particular goals with a specified time limit.

As motivation directs the students towards the two main factor- Learning and Behaviour. So students need to be motivated first and this is the responsibility of staff members to build the path of motivation factor in the student's education life.

For example- a student should be notified that if he scores a good mark in the assignment then he will be an appraisal by the good rewards in the classroom.

And here in the example, there is a motivation factor working for the student. So in this way, motivation is an urge or desires to act and do something you wish for. Motivation occupies a special place in the heart of education.

Highly motivated students are usually actively and spontaneously involved in activities and find the process of learning enjoyable without expecting any external rewards.