Importance of Adult Education in India

Importance od adult education

A person aged 21 or above is called Adult. Therefore, adult education means teaching adults over 21 years of age.Starting of adult education has been acknowledged that no person can be fully happy until he has any knowledge of elementary education. Education develops intellectualism. How can a person be fully happy without getting knowledge?

The art of teaching children and the way to give education to adults is very different. Children do nothing more than just studying. Their main work is to go to school and get an education. But adults usually have to do the job. Therefore, the importance of education is secondary in their case.Adults are basically divided in two categories. A category belongs to those who are illiterate and in the second category, people are kept, who have little knowledge of letters.

The main objective of adult education is to make every person of India literate and provide practical knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic. Such knowledge must be mandatory for a person living in any republican world.

The purpose of adult education is to increase the literacy rate in India and to put those illiterate people further on the path of knowledge. Their rights and duties are expressed as citizens. They are expected to broadcast the knowledge gained in this way between their associates who have less knowledge than them.

After getting an education, at least the person is expected to write and read the letter, read newspapers, and be aware of the current events of the world. Adult education started in England. Initially, these schools only took classes on Sunday ie the day of the holiday. Later, he started studying every day.

Adult education in India was inaugurated by the NGOs in Mumbai. This work was done at night schools. As the number of learners increased, more and more schools were opened and changes were made at the time of adult’s convenience.

Normally, the whole work of adult education is done without any fees. It is done with the spirit of social service. Today everyone has accepted its importance. State Governments give financial assistance and instructions to Adult Schools. The Central Government has also provided adequate funds to the state government for large-scale adult education programs.


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