Illegal hike of fee in private schools.

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Hey! Welcome here. Blog is written for illegal hike of fee in private schools.

Everyone is chanting over the news of new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, media saying a new controversial CM of UP, but here in March, all parents are wondering over the fee hike of their child in private schools. Private schools frequent fee hike leads to education commercialization as well as to parents running out of pockets having different pay scales.

Last year, CBSE board warned schools to adhere by the laws of Board before making any decision on raising fee. Instead of following rules of government, private schools make their own decision to raise fee in every session. The Indian government has to take some serious steps to control this never-ending fee hike of private schools by making a concrete plan.

There are some key points on the basis of which private schools do a raise in fee every year. School management says to generate some financial source maintenance of reasonable standard, paying to staff and teachers, keeping at par with adopting new teaching technologies, development goals and promotion of the institution are some reasons for raising fee that they never tell directly to the parents. Here, financial reserve would be stored only, not for own profit. Any other points which states the decision of hike fee is mandatory for school authorities is weakened if schools think of parents who wants quality education for their child in the limited monthly budget for the whole year. According to supreme authorities, schools are allowed to keep 15% of savings as reserves and can hike if only when reserves are over. Attempts for regulating fee are always opposed by private schools, which argue that such laws infringe their autonomy.


  1. Illegal hike of fee in private schools. – Parents Assembly

    Nice blog written by author. Appreciated it’s true now a days education our government not taking seriously.. We should raise the voice for quality education in our country.

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