How to overcome exam fear

exam fear

As the new session starts in the school, starts the excitement, excitement of meeting friends and teachers, learning a new curriculum, and engaging in new sports activities.

As the year passes come the fear of exams which brings anxiety, stress, nervousness, and tension in the students. Exams have taken a very important part in a child’s academic life and are increasingly becoming competitive. Exam stress may cause sickness, sleep deprivation, loss of hunger affecting a child’s health.  At this phase, teachers and parents need to motivate the students. – exam fear

In this article, we will provide some tips over exam fear.

  1. Be Organised

Students life is filled with a lot of emotions, happiness, excitement, and fear. The same is the study area of a student. So a student needs to be organized during the exams.

Make sure to have all the study material ready with you before the exams. Create a schedule for revision and break the timetable into small chunks.

  1. Revise Early

Keep yourself prepared before exams. If you give enough time for thorough revision and are well prepared then you will feel more confident, stress-free, and will write well in exams. You can focus on all the topics. Do not keep revision for the last minute.

If you start revision early, it will help you in better understanding and recollection. -exam fear

  1. Eat Healthy and Exercise

During exams students generally skip a meal or sometimes overeat due to anxiety. They do not take proper sleep and take caffeine. It is extremely important to intake healthy food which includes eggs, dairy products, chicken, fresh fruits, and dark green vegetables. Dry fruits like walnuts and seafood like fish can also be helpful. Exercising for some time will make you feel relaxed and energetic.

  1. Mock exams at home.

Practice, practice, practice!

The most common cause of exam anxiety is a lack of information, what questions to expect and how to respond to them. In this case, take the help of your parents to supervise the timings. Ask them to take your mock exams. Evaluate the marks and the time of your at-home mocks. Practicing until you achieve your goal is the key to success. – exam fear

  1. Be Positive

Students should be positive and confident about their exams. Students should never compare themselves with other students. Remember you are not alone. Everyone is sailing on the same boat. Do some breathing exercises and meditation before the exam.