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Now a days we talk about digital India will our country without a good education system can achieve this Dream??

Now a days we talk about digital India and make in india but when we go govt school that time we are look actual india so guys let me know how can achieve this Dream??

Hello guys thanks for the share this post i m happy to  reply on this post .Now a days we are paying higher fees  for our education system so not possible to achieve our dream. our education system is totally commercialized

Yes it is not possible without our government education system rules and regulations.  A lots of gap in our system we need to fill that then we can think about digital India.....

Yes, I think digital marketing is a new trend in India, I am a student of Nagpur engineering college and we mostly have focused on digitalization.

Yes, this is not possible without good education system. But many top Schools are doing their best to improve the quality of education.