There are only two people in this world who make a kid into a human. They are Doctors, who keep our body healthy and fit and other one is Educators, or Teachers, or Faculty or Professor,whose guidance makes a person to grow in his personal, social and professional life forever. They both are initial to upbring the future youth.

Coming to the point, there is a shortage of qualified, experienced or even passionate educator in India. The same condition is in foreign countries also. We need to talk about it.


1. Education is not enough. Well said. Education of solving algebra, writting comprehensions,letters to different people, learning question answer within a story of no morals etc. are not enough. Life morals, values and beliefs can never be found in any type of books. It is the Educator who shows the extended path of life.

2. Every person in his life wants to do best using one’s mind. Education become complete if a student is able to make personal, social and professional relations and decision himself or herself. The educator needs to inspire the student to grow up as a person and will be an example for others too.

3. A passion of tutoring is required within Educator. The lack of dedication will do nothing but ruining the future of students indirectly. He must feel proud of the work they doing, not for themselves, but also building hundreds of student life every year.


1. High Salary: Due to a growing economy, many passion educators drop the line of educating. Due to slow rise of the price paid for tutoring, educators shift to other fields to earn more. It will be beneficial if one sees that he or she will gain a better expansion of knowledge from their field of interest.

2. The person who has an interest in the field want to gain more knowledge in or some other field which is relatively second option of their mind. It is good if one takes higher education to teach the students in the future.

3. Many educators, due to lack of one’s education, or lack of finance move to the teaching occupation. As qualified trainers are not available easily, educators move to easily available tutor post.

4. Other professions give more financial raise than what one gets as an Educator. So it was decided to make career in another profession to get extra amount in hand to enjoy life.

5. One more hidden reason for not coming into teaching profession is management of class. Talented educators are not able to manage each and every student in a class. They find it unable to make question papers, check number of copies of six classes. They even found not eligible to make the concept clear to the dumbest student of the class.


1. Career in Education: If proper training and guidance is provided to the tutors to tutor students than one might feel to be permanent in the profession. Just like a student need education and guidance, educator also need time to time training and updates in the sector. The government has started courses to train tutors.

2. Learning from the past: The best thing an Educator can do without spending money and time for training is to visualize ones past experience of their school, how the faculty controls the class.

3. It is required that government should take some financial initiatives to increase the tutors in the field. If Educators are paid sufficiently then, who see them dropping their teaching passion. There is a need for talented and qualified Educators. Education, guidance and training is must accomplish the long term goal. Training must consist of syllabus to make the student grow up and stand on his toes independently. Career of not only Educator will rise, but also build career and life of hundred students.


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