Actually, there is a lockdown in the country due to Corona virusThe Need for Innovation in our Education System. All factories, offices, malls, businesses etc. are all closed. The rate of economic growth has been affected due to domestic supply and demand being affected. At the same time, there is a possibility of delay in improving domestic investment due to increasing risk. In such a situation, the economy can reach a difficult time. In the report, the government has been advised to emphasize the need for financial and monetary policy support. To deal with the challenge, India will have to take more effective steps as soon as possible to prevent this epidemic from spreading. At the same time, temporary employment generation programs will also have to be taken care of at the local level. The Central Government has not yet announced how it plans to deal with the economic emergency already faced by the lockdown to control Covid-19 spread in India.

The economic conditions that have arisen since the lockdown, implemented to prevent the spread of the corona virus across the country, will severely affect those who may survive the epidemic, but their daily needs are not met. In this time of difficulty, where one cannot even get bread for a time, spending money for education is a big challenge; no one knows when this disaster will end and when people's life will come on the normal track.

Due to this, people are very worried about the future of their children, financial constraints and pressure of children's education is troubling a common man on a mental level,in today’s competitive era, good education is a very powerful weapon. Comes useful, but the tightness due to school fees and corona has made the common man's dream of getting his child a good education, the pressure created by the schools for fees is breaking the back of common man.

Another concern is harassing common man with the closure of schools, children, their parents, teachers, administration and non-government social institutions are grappling with a new question: How will children learn now? Or maybe a more appropriate sentence: Now how do we teach children? (It seems to be mainly a matter of schooling.) Apart from this,another important question is, what will be the effect of this lockdown on children physically and mentally? Will these effects be different or similar in rural and urban areas? But for the deep question of this method, discussion is less now.

In view of the situation, the government is also making several schemes such as preparing to cut down the holidays so that the students are not affected. Along with all the holidays found on Diwali, Dussehra, Holi and Rakhi, the winter holiday will also be cut.Only one day holiday will be given to students and students on festivals. Preparations are also being made to complete the course on Sunday, by holding classes for students. After opening the school through extra classes, the syllabus of the students will be completed as soon as possible.