effectiveness and importance of our education system



If you want to give a good upbringing to the child

In this topic, we know about the importance and effectiveness of the education system in this new era. Some people didn’t know how education is important at this time. Because education can create your mind and help you to move forward in any business job or anything you want to do in your life with the help of education everything is possible many poets said that education is like a sword. No one can beat the education. Many famous personalities like Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda and Tusli das Ji gave many important contributions to our country with the help of education. These men are not a magician or inhuman these men create their own popularity with the help of education. Education can do anything like if a man is poor and he is educated no one can stop him to be successful many successful people are not born to be rich they become rich with their own hard work and good education. The education becomes the most important factor in life and also in this time many educations opportunities are available so everyone can easily find what type of education they want to do and it is necessary to do what type of education you want.

I am a parent who wants to contribute in some way or the other to the betterment of our education system. I just came across an online survey tracking the effectiveness of our education system. I feel there are more people who want to contribute to the same. since the results of this survey are to be forwarded to the central advisory board of education, I believe geocaching will help interested individuals to take part in this survey and help improve the education standard. The link for the survey is given below