Educators are shaping not only career but a whole existence


Education is considered as the most powerful weapon in life to achieve victory and success. Educators are given to perform this important responsibility and work to create and shape the future of our country and the lives of the youth. The educator plays the vital responsibility towards education and makes the present and future of children. The teacher does a great job in building a good society by directing and educating a lot of students throughout his life.

A educators is like God because God is the creator of the whole universe whereas a teacher is considered the creator of a good nation. Teachers are very eminent people in the society who through their magic of teaching, take the responsibility of raising the lifestyle and mind level of the common people. Parents expect a lot from their teachers for their children. The role of a teacher varies from class to playground and for each student. An educator is a very important person in everyone's life who seems to do different things in our life.

A teacher is an important person in the life of a student who through his knowledge, patience, love and care gives a strong shape to his whole life. Each of the words here underlines the importance of a teacher in a student's life as well as will clarify his role. In this world, the teacher's profession is considered as the best and ideal profession because teachers selflessly serve in the making of one's life. His dedicated work cannot be compared to any other work. Teachers are those who take care of all their students. They check their eating habits, level of cleanliness, behaviour with others and concentration towards studies.

Educators are never bad, it is just their way of teaching which is different from each other and makes them different in the mind of students. Teachers only want to see their students happy and successful.

Our teachers make us to wear clean clothes, to eat healthy food, to stay away from wrong food, to pay attention to our parents, to treat others well, to come to school in uniform, anytime in life Not to lie, to react positively, to pay attention to your school, copy, books, other things, to pray to God for concentration in studies, to discuss any dilemma with your teacher etc. motivates you for many good things.

A good educator is also a good friend of his students which helps them in getting the right path. Schools and colleges have many teachers but one teacher is the favorite of all students. Teachers set the goal of our education through their collective role of unique teaching and learning process. Our teachers always motivate us to work in harmony. Our teachers understand us and solve our problems both personally and professionally. They teach us to adopt a positive attitude towards life.

A good teacher is one who only gives to the students throughout his life but does not take anything but he becomes very happy with the success of his students. A great teacher is one who provides a better future generation for his nation. Only through proper education, social problems, corruption etc. can be eradicated which will ultimately lead a nation towards real development and growth.