How can parents support their child’s education

child education

A child education need support from all people around whether it’s English or Maths Teacher, Sports teacher or drawing teacher or say, a teacher at school or parents at home. A child’s initial development starts from home i.e. parents are the first Guru in a child’s life. Due to hectic lifestyle, parents are unable to give time in their child education and development which in turn makes their own future. Lack of interest in educating their own child will lead to lack of interest in education and other school activities. Parents need to support their child education as their first priority. There are some points that can be practiced to enhance your support in educating your child:

1. Develop communication with child’s teacher:-

Communicate with child’s teacher time to time for improving child’s performance at home. The teacher will provide information about the hild’s personal and social attitude and behaviour towards teachers and other children in the schools. Check the performance of children in class by keeping communication with child’s teacher open. If the parents have no time to meet face to face then make a phone call to the teacher once in a month.

2. Coach your child:

As said, parents are the first Guru, become a teacher, mentor, guide, friend, coach for them when required. If parents find that their child need more learning and revision of class-work, then one can consult with the teacher and provide a suitable coach for their child for school’s after hours. The time to coach should be such that child’s sleeping, eating and play time get undisturbed.

3. Help in Homework:

Set a fixed and regular time for child’s homework. The place should be away from distractions and noise. Make sure that once parents think education is important and homework must be done when provided. Not to forget praising the child for his efforts. Help them with their assignments, projects
or other homework activities. Homework is given to remind the learning at school, parents doing the child’s work is a bane. There is no past evidence of enhancement in the child’s performance after being beaten.

4. Prepare for test

Test plays a small but major role in determining the child’s progress and learning by utilizing grades on a sheet of paper. Make them revise lessons learned at school today. It will prepare them for coming unit or half yearly tests. Regular study helps relief from loads of revision and pressure before the start of exams. Mission is to prepare your child academically fit for any type of exam or test throughout the session.

5. Encourage them in participation

Parents motivate/encourage their child to participate in other school activities. Kids should be given the opportunity to select the activity based on their interest like music, dancing, sports, swimming,arts, etc. Parents must motivate them to participate in cultural activities also, it helps in their social development.

6. Question to the child:

Parents find themselves unaware of their child’s behaviour and attitude towards other classmates before that becomes a big issue at the school premise. Parents must question their child about the day at school, about how are their classmates and teachers, about why are they feeling low or aggressive, etc. Question them till the answer not come back. Ask the concerned teacher for child’s activity at the school premise.

Education is not limited to educational books and other school activities, child development starts from home. So, it’s better to involve yourself in your child’s life and help them to learn the meaning of discipline and punctuality.