Academics knowledge

working with parents to support children's learning

Academics come as a mean of accumulation, development and transmission of knowledge through generations. In 17th century, some foreign scholars described it as types of institutions for higher education. But in India, Takshashila, now modern Pakistan, was the center of individualistic learning for several students. Chanakya, best known scholar in economics, is well known for completing his academics from Takshashila.  Archery, hunting, laws of life, medical and military science were the part of academics there. Another learning center for study of Buddhism was in Nalanda, Bihar at border of Nepal. Knowledge was given on fine arts, medicine, maths, astronomy, politics, and war art. Around ten thousands of pupils studied there and some become scholars for their country like Korea, Japan, Tibet, Indonesia, Persia and Turkey.

Now-a-days, both public and private sector are providing education courses funded by central, state and local authorities. Government is taking necessary steps to increase literacy rate for young generation. They made compulsory education for ages between 6 and 14 and also introduced significant reservation of seats for disadvantaged class in our society. They also introduced assessment and test system to improve the quality of education for children. Academic knowledge has been grouped into primary, secondary and higher level. Around 23 crore students of class 1st to 12th are gaining knowledge in public and privately held schools. To provide knowledge according to the age group, government divided academic knowledge level into 4+6+2+3 which is widely known as 10+2+3 i.e. primary education for 4years, higher education for 6 years, 2 years for junior college education and lastly 3 years for graduation. To improve the quality of education, to improve academic of the child, governing bodies are made which are working according to their geographical region to govern education system. NCERT, SBSE, CBSE, CISCE and NIOS are some name of them.  NUEPA and NCTE are the management bodies for school education system.


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